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Remembrance Day Song with lyrics and music by Gillian Pinder Performed by two young constituents, Gillian Pinder and Janna Mitchell

Remembrance Day Message

Carol Skelton, PC, MP


Veterans’ Week is a time when Canadians across this great nation forex trading in south africa honour the men and women of the Canadian Forces who have stepped forward to serve our country.  It comes with special significance this year as our Canadian Forces are again fighting oppression and tyranny in Afghanistan. 

Throughout Canada’s proud history, young men and women have answered the call to arms and fought for their country.  They represent our children, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.  They fought for the ideals of peace and freedom, and sacrificed their lives so that Canadians may continue to prosper in peace and security from oppression.

The theme of Veterans’ week this year is Share the Story.  Sharing our Veterans’ stories will open our eyes and define what it really means to remember.  I encourage all Veterans’ to take aside someone, be it a family, friend or fellow Canadian, and tell them of your service to our country.  Help us remember the good, bad, scary and joyful times of your time in the service.  Help us share your story and remember your legacy.

Sadly, we do not know every soldiers' story.  The sarcophagus of the Unknown Soldier represents the 28,000 Canadian soldiers who have no graves.  It is a constant reminder of the price that is paid in the fight for peace and freedom in all wars—past, present and future.  While we know not where they are buried or their stories, we will always remember their sacrifice for our country.

To all Veterans and those actively serving, thank you for your contributions and sacrifices for Canada.

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