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Llor Don Atchison at official Opening Ceremonies for the first Moon Festival in Saskatoon by the Chinese Cultural Society
Carol at the new Kinistiology Building at Uof S

Carol and Sylvia Fedoruk- former Lieuteneant Gov. of SK

Carol and Peter Zakreski President of the BID Committee for the 2007 University World Summer Games
Herschel Grizzly Bear Unveiling of Statue July 27 2002 Harris-Tessier Central High School Graduation 2002 Cam Don Grand Opening in Perdue August 2002 Hay West participants meet with Carol and her husband, Noel in Ottawa. From left is Noel Skelton, Willard McWilliams, Carol and Graham Clarke - August 2002
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Encounters with Canada Jaddah Loder April 29 2002 St Lawrence NFLD Saskatchewan Legislature Interns in Ottawa - April 2002 - Maria Kurylo Jessica Waiser Wendy Moellenbeck Tim Baker Police Association Lobby Day in Ottawa, March 12 2002 - Saskatoon Police Association, Stan Goertzen, President, Dave Haye, Vice President, Wally Romanuck, Treasurer, Brian Kuny, Executive Me Leo Bertoia President Dairy Farmers of Canadain Ottawa April 2002
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Firefighters Lobby Day April 2002 Saskatoon Local 80 BruceSiemens President, Greg Sayer Vice President, Dale Farrell Secretary Encounters with Canada Mandy Lyons April 29 2002 Yellowknife NWT CA Children's Christmas Party December 2001 Carol and Peter Goldring, MP, tour the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store at 519 Ave L S, Saskatoon - Open to the Public
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Meeting with Saskatoon Metis Federation and the YWCA to discuss Affordable Housing Options in Saskatoon Dec. 21, 2001   Carol and Germain Dauk, Chairman of Pulse Canada, November 21, 2001  Carol and fellow M.P., David Anderson (far right), with delegates of the Canadian Seed Growers' Association, November 21, 2001 Carol and fellow M.P., Betty Hinton, meeting with Jack Kivenko, Member of the Canadian Apparel Federation, November 19, 2001
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With Noel and Charles Hubbard, MP
With Neil Jahnke
Delegates - Cervid Council Reception - Oct. 2, 2001 Marion Gregory of Rosetown visits MP Ottawa office with Encounters with Canada Carol with her husband, Noel, and Charles Hubbard, MP, Chair of the Commons Agriculture Committee With Neil Jahnke, Vice-President of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association
With Neil Jahnke and Senator Weibe
Junior Achievement students from Saskatoon
With Senator Jack Wiebe and Neil Jahnke, VP of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association Meeting Prince Charles at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa Meeting Prince Charles at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa Carol and Lynne Yelich, MP (Blackstrap) meet in Ottawa with Junior Achievement students from Saskatoon - May 14, 2001
Elan Jalbert
With Roy Bailey, Wayne Easter and Bob Friesen
Carol Skelton
With Kim Walters
With Elan Jalbert at a 4H meeting in Ottawa With Roy Bailey, MP, Wayne Easter, MP and Bob Friesen, President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture Oldtime Saskatchewan! With Kim Walters in Ottawa

Carol attends the opening of the exhibition "World Heritage Sites of China"in Saskatoon. Pictured with Carol are, from left to right, Jean Wong, Carol, Dawn Zhou and Julia Peng from the Chinese Cultural Society of
Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Chapter.
Meetings with the Canadian Medical Association - Dr. Timothy Winton, Dr. Johann Malan, Dr. Mohomed Mia, Dr. Horwood and Carol Skelton Natural Health Product Consultations with Trueman Tuck, Carol Skelton, Rob Merrifield, MP, Peter Helgason and Richard DeSylva Railway Day on Parliament Hill

National Literacy Day on Parliament Hill with Debbie Purton, Miao Ma, Carol Skelton, Murd Nicholson and Beth Mulloy National Literacy Day on Parliament Hill with Debbie Purton and Miao Ma of the Saskatchewan Literacy Network Juvenille Diabetes Day with Zack, Mark, Logan and Carol Skelton Donald Saunders receives the Veterans Affairs Commendation Award in the company of his wife June and Carol Skelton.
Carol and Cecilia Forsyth of SK Chapter of REAL Women of Canada at Electoral Boudaries Commission hearings - Saskatoon - Sept. 17, 2002 Carol and Noel host Junior Achievers from Northern Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. May 2002 Lt. Gov Lynda Haverstock,Lieutenant Colonel Doug Penner, Carol Skelton at Queens Golden Jubilee Medal Ceremony Carol Skelton, Lt.Gov Lynda Haverstock, Ted Merriman receiving Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal

Carol Skelton and the Cable Studio Crew in Ottawa taping of her monthly show. Carol Skelton meets with Perdue residents Marilyn Moon and David Miller during their visit to Ottawa on Nov. 18th. Carol Skelton, Lt.-Gov. Dr. Lynda Haverstock and Jubilee Medal Recipient Mr. Randy Pshebylo Carol Skelton interviews Rob Merrifield, MP and Canadian Alliance Health Critic for her cable show