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Carol Skelton provided copies of a book on the historic Haywest Campaign to local libraries and individuals.


MPs Carol Skelton and Joe Preston meet with Chicken farmers in Ottawa.

Carol Skelton meets with youth at the SaskParty Convention in Regina.

MPs Carol Skelton, Steven Fletcher and James Lunney met with the Canadian Chiropractic Association in Ottawa.

Carol Skelton interviews Bob Mills, MP and Conservative Environment critic for her SHAW TV show.

Environmentalist David Suzuki came to visit Carol Skelton and discuss matters like alternative energy sources and the Kyoto Accord.

Members of the United Transportation Union were in Ottawa - Biggar resident Kevin Goring, Carol Skelton, MP and Gerry Lowry

Carol Skelton was the guest speaker at the Wa Wa Shriner's Provincial Curling Event in Rosetown.

Canadian Federation of Medical Students representatives Ashley McCormick and Jennifer Cram met with Carol in Ottawa.

Carol Skelton recently interviewed MP Rona Ambrose on her monthly SHAW cable show, due to air in early April.

Carol Skelton recently met with Valerie Ravary, CEO for the Cdn. Paraplegic Association to discuss disability issues.

Carol Skelton recently met with police officers during the Canadian Professional Police Association information day on Parliament Hill.

Carol Skelton held a major community roundtable on immigration issues in Saskatchewan with participation from many local cultural groups. 

Carol Skelton recently taped her regular cable show with guest Rahim Jaffer, MP to discuss Infrastructure and communities.

Carol Skelton met with Real Estate Association representatives Al Didur and Harry Janzen during their visit to Ottawa.

Carol Skelton with office volunteer Roberta Kramchynski and her mother Marianne.  They are from Rosthern.

Carol Skelton recently recognized 4-H winners Mitch Rolston of Delisle and Sarah Anderson of Sceptre in Parliament with a special statement.

Forum for Young Canadians Parliament Hill dinner with Theo Block, Samantha Yaholnitsky, Carol Skelton, Moyca Stoffel, Amber Espenant.

Carol with constituent Jonah Awowo in the Saskatoon Constituency Office.  Jonah is originally from Sudan.

Carol with Dean Butcher, Manager of Saskatoon Unit Office of Canadian Cancer Society on the set of Carol's cable show at SHAW studios, April 28, 2005.

Carol Skelton met with Saskatoon firefighters during their visit to Ottawa.

Carol Skelton recently met with representatives of the Cdn. Immunization Coalition in Ottawa.

Carol Skelton attended the Regional College graduation and spent a moment with their scholarship winner Melissa Boyer.

Rosetown VE Day Photos

MPs Carol Skelton and Lynne Yelich met with Dr. Phraba Vaidyanathan and Karen Phil to discuss issues related to diabetes

Carol Skelton recently met with representatives from the MS Society of Canada.

Carol Skelton and other Conservative Party MPs and candidates in Ottawa.

Conservative MPs Nina Grewal, Bev Oda, Carol Skelton, Betty Hinton and Joy Smith.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers representative Christine Pynaker met with Carol Skelton to discuss labour issues.
These photos are
from an event when Maple Leaf Foods announced a major $110 million pork processing expansion in Saskatoon.

Carol with Michael McCain, President and CEO, Maple Leaf Foods

Carol shaking hands with Deputy premier Clay Serby.

Carol Skelton with Stu Irvine, President, Mitchell`s Gourmet Foods.

Carol with (r-l) Bev Dubios Councillor-City of Saskatoon; Frank Quennell, Saskatchewan Minister of Justice; and Peter Zegniak of Inland Concrete.

Carol with Norm Wallace of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority and President of Wallace Construction Specialties Ltd.; and Michael Oelck of the Prairie Carnation Company

Bill Laatsch met with Carol Skelton to discuss issues facing the printing and publishing industries.

Survivor Carol Skelton and Barb Bell participated in Rosetown's Cancer Society Relay for Life.

Carol Skelton participated in the Confederation Park Community Association Fun Day on June 18, 2005.

Carol Skelton participated in the AGM & 10th Anniversary Carnival for the North Saskatchewan Independent Living Ctr.

Carol Skelton attended an exciting event at the Cherry Hill Pony Club.

Carol Skelton toured the Menorah Childcare Centre in Toronto's York Centre riding with Conservative candidate Michael Motsyn and took time to read the children a story.

Carol purchases a raffle ticket on the 'jackpot steer' from Ken at the Delisle Centennial Fair in support of the Outlook Palliative Care Room.

Carol, Linda Shen and Carlynne Mink relax after the parade in the constituency office.

Ready to roll!!  Carol with Linda Shen, Carlynne Mink, Sheldon Williams from Jubilee Ford and his daughter, Delynn.  Car courtesy of Vaughn Wyant, Jubilee Ford Saskatoon.

Carol preparing to start the Saskatoon Exhibition Parade accompanied by Linda Shen and Carlynne Mink.  Car courtesy of VaughnWyant, Jubilee Ford Saskatoon
Carol Skelton presented winners with their medals at the
Royal Splash Provincial Speed Swim Finals in Rosetown.

Carol participated in the Prairieland Junior Ag Showcase.

Shammi Pereira from Toronto attended the National Historica Fair in Saskatoon on July 15th.

Carol meets with Communities for Children Campaign 2000 in her constituency office.  From left to right are John Ellis, Sue Delaney and Linda Bell.

Centre of attention.  Carol socializes with a family of new Canadian citizens following a citizenship ceremony in Saskatoon.

Carol welcomes a woman and her child to Canada as full participants upon receiving their Canadian citizenship in Saskatoon on August 22, 2005.

Carol congratulates one of Canada's newest citizens at a citizenship ceremony at the Francis Morrison Library in Saskatoon on August 22, 2005.

Carol addresses the crowd of participants and family at a citizenship ceremony (with Minister Ken Dryden looking on).

Carol Skelton, MP and Stan Garchinski, who wrote Saskatchewan's Centennial song, We Love This Place.

Carol admires the murals in Stranraer during their commemorative celebrations.

Carol with Glenn Hagel, M.L.A. in Stranraer celebrating Saskatchewan's Centennial.

Carol with Constable Erin Tisdel of the Saskatoon City Police prior to her ride-along in the community.

Carol Skelton and Wyatt Miller in Asquith.


Carol Skelton hosted the Saskatoon meeting of the Conservative Party Safe Streets Task Force which is consulting Canadians from coast-to-coast.  The event was attended by police, victims, social advocates and representatives from all three levels of government.

Carol Skelton with Art and Dawn Dunlap
and their 1957 Pumper firetruck.

Carol Skelton hosted Conservative Party colleague Bob Mills, MP at an environment Town Hall meeting in Saskatoon.

Conservative Party of Canada Saskatchewan MPs visit with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix Editorial Board.

Carol Skelton and Alice Ellis at the Biggar Reunion held at the Majestic Theatre Tea.

Carol Skelton met with Michael Back and Anna MacQuarrie of the Canadian Association of Community Living to discuss the Conservative Party policy calling for a National Disability Act.

Carol Skelton met with the Mayor of Brigus in Newfoundland in July.

Carol Skelton participated in an exciting and informative healthy heart awareness campaign which included measuring her waist while the Health Minister looked on.

Carol Skelton was a guest speaker at the Delisle Centennial Celebrations.

Carol Skelton made a statement in the House of Commons for Mental Illness Awareness Week which included Jesse Bigelow and other "Faces of Mental Illness".

Carol Skelton attended the Milden Heritage Day celebrations on October 8 with Thelma McPherson.

Carol Skelton with Ken Habermehl and Thelma McPherson at Milden Heritage Day.

Carol Skelton attended the Milden Heritage Day celebrations on October 8 with Bill Carnegie.

Murray and Bill Carnegie with their 1946 John Deere Model A and #12 combine.

Carol Skelton met with a number of representatives in Ottawa to discuss matters surrounding the consumer's 'right to repair'  -

Carol Skelton met with a number of representatives from the National Assoc. of Career Colleges to discuss their concerns.

Canadian Trucking Association reception with with Carol Skelton, Doug Siemens, Lynne Yelich and Erwen Siemens.

Carol Skelton was a special guest on CPAC's Primetime Politics Show on Oct. 21/05.

Carol Skelton discussed disability issues with Mark Pickup.

Carol Skelton discussed literacy issues with Carey Rigby-Wilcox, Debbie Griffiths and Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz.

Marcel Dubois (left to right), Sandy Huckerby, Laverne Friesen, Lisa Gareau Tosh, Alissa Worobetz and Ron Graham star in Pull of the Land.  Photo: Berwyn Trapp

Elaine Kowpak (left) and Beth Robertson co-wrote The Pull of the Land. Photo: Berwyn Trapp

Bev Oda, MP joins Carol Skelton, MP on her monthly cable show to discuss heritage, multicultural, broadcasting and other current events.

Liz Picketts and friends at the Asquith Elks Steak Supper.

Laura Goyette and Carol Skelton at the Asquith Elks Steak Supper.

Dot Rice enjoying the Kaiser game at the Asquith Elks Steak Supper.

Bill Cleghorn and Noel Skelton at the Asquith Elks Steak Supper.

Lacy Longworth and her friend at the Saskatoon Fall Fair.

Bill Dillabaugh, Jock Blacklock and Elmer Harder at the Saskatoon Fall Fair Prospect Steer Sale.

Saskatoon Fall Fair

Carol Skelton and the cast of Two Gun Cohen at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon.

Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers with Brodie Blair, Bob Evans, Carol Skelton, MP and Greg Haney.

Carol Skelton is joined by Jim Eaton-President Unit #38, Ruth Bond-Martinson - President Maple Leaf #287, and Bert Lafond - Provincial President ANAvets at their Remembrance Day ceremonies.  Thank you to Jack & Terry Stewart for providing this photo.

Cdn. Dental Assoc. representatives met in Ottawa - Dr Phil Poon, Carol Skelton, MP, Wayne Halstrom and Aaron Levo.

Carol sponsored the Award for Team Roping Heading Horse of the Year presented at the Canadian Cowboy's Association Finals Rodeo during Canadian Western Agribition in Regina.  The horse "Twist" is owned by Jonathon Drake of Moose Jaw, shown here accepting the horse blanket presented on behalf of Carol by her daughter, Terri Harris.

Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy



Carol Skelton meets with Allan Cutler, known as the  whistleblower on the Sponsorship Scandal, and now Conservative Party candidate in Ottawa South.

Carol Skelton, M.P. and Lynne Yelich, M.P. arejoined by Carey Rigby-Wilcox of the Saskatchewan Literacy Network,  to announce the collection of an estimated 10,000 books in support of literacy initiatives in Saskatchewan.  Former M.P. Deborah Gray dropped in to register her support.


The 2005 Saskatchewan Conservative Caucus.